Program Description

One of SEAMEO CECCEP programs is conducting quality research for lecturers, researchers, scholars, or practitioners to improve research productivity oriented to national and international scientific publications. All research programs are directed to produce scientific works in the form of articles, books, etc. that are worthy of being published at the national or international level. This annual program is to support rigorous and relevant research in the field of early childhood care, education, and parenting with implications and relevance to South East Asian countries.

SEAMEO CECCEP is pleased to launch the second edition of its Research Grants for 14 selected awardee from 11 South East Asian countries.


1. Improving the quality of research that supports the vision and mission of CECCEP SEAMEO to become a regional research, advocacy and capacity building center of excellence on ECCE and Parenting at the Southeast and Regional levels of Southeast Asia.

2. To raise the latest issues in the field of Early Childhood Education (PAUD) and Parenting through the research theme.

3. Building partnerships with other educational institutions and institutions at the national level to work together in collaborative research activities and technology transfer.

4. Increasing international recognition through the dissemination of research results and increasing the number of publications in the International Journal.


Funding Information

The awardee will get IDR 25.000.000 – 50.000.000 for conducting the research within 6 months.

Eligibility Criteria

  • • This research grant is targeted for any lecturer, researcher, scholar, or practitioner from 12 countries in South East Asian.
  • • Submitted research proposal must be related to the specified topic, accordance with the principles of research ethics, and follows the research proposal form.
  • • The applicant can be individual or team and only apply for one research proposal
  • • The applicant is not receiving another grants for the same research proposal.
  • • The leader of research team has not been received research grant from SEAMEO CECCEP in the previous years.
  • • The research proposal must include these information :
       A compelling rationale for the study that is based on the research literature.
    •  A clear focus of inquiry and/or specific research questions connected to relevant research literature.
    •  Sufficient information about the research design, including descriptions and justifications of the research setting, participants, and/or sources of data.
    •  Detailed information about how you will analyze or make meaning of your data.
    •  The adequacy of the budget and timeline to carry out the proposed research activities.
    •  Curriculum Vitae or short description of the researcher/research team member (educational background, research experience, or publication (if any) must be included)
    •  The research proposal is written in Bahasa Indonesia/English

Download Files

Download Technical Instruction Proposal Template

How To Apply

  • 1. Make an account, register your email
  • 2. Fill the information such as, name of researcher, research title, and abstract
  • 3. Upload your CV & Research Proposal

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