The Survey of Teachers in Pre-primary Education (STEPP) – National Team Meeting II

The Survey of Teachers in Pre-primary Education (STEPP) is a joint initiative between UNESCO and OECD, implemented in cooperation with Education International, the International Taskforce on Teachers for Education 2030, ILO, OMEP and UNICEF. UNESCO has the overall responsibility for this global project. The Republic, Ghana, Namibia, the Philippines, Togo and Viet Nam are the initial participating countries of the project.

During the UNESCO Global Conference in early November 2017, Indonesia through the Director General of Early Childhood Education and Community Education has expressed interest to be involved in the project. UNESCO HQ followed up on this expression of interest and has been in communication with relevant officials in the Ministry of Education and Culture, which further assigned the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (SEAMEO CECCEP) as the leading organisation for the implementation of the STEPP Project in Indonesia.

The national team meeting II activity is the follow-up activities from national team meeting I. The National Team Meeting II was held in Bogor, Indonesia on 8 – 10 May 2018. This Activity was opened by direktur Pendidikan Keluarga, Dr. Sukiman. The focus of this meeting to preparation for training FT, preparation for administration FT, Review over translation, adaptation and layout of FT instrument based on ACER’s feedback. As Indonesia is joining the project at the mid of Phase 1 (which will run until the end of December 2018), UNESCO will support a smooth integration of the country in the project so that it can fully take part in the processes side by side with the initial participating countries. UNESCO shall accompany the Indonesian STEPP National Team, led by SEMEAO CECCEP, in the implementation of the following key activities in 2018:
• Development of sampling frame for the field trial
• Preparation for the field trial (including the establishment of the data management system, the organisation of the training of centre coordinators, printing and distribution of survey instruments to participating centres)
• Administration of the field trial
• Field trial data entry and processing, and compilation of national database
• National dissemination of the report on the analysis of Phase 1 experiences

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