Hundreds of Early Childhood, Parents and Teachers Enliven the Celebration of SEAMEO CECCEP’s 2nd Anniversary

At 29th July, SEAMEO CECCEP’s office at Lembang has suddenly lighted up by hundreds of audiences. The crowd has gathered to celebrate the event of SEAMEO CECCEP’s 2nd Anniversary. At 09.00, the opening ceremony started. In this special occasion, Mr. Alpha (Director of SEAMEO SEAMOLEC) delivers a speech to congratulate CECCEP as a representative from the other centres. After the congratulate speech, Mr. Dwi priyono as the Director of SEAMEO CECCEP delivers his speech. He stated that he is grateful for CECCEP’s accomplishments on our active years, our future plannings, and also his visions to the organizations. “We are the hub for teachers and researchers from Indonesia, to show our best practices in ECCE and Parenting and to present them towards our stakeholders in South East Asia. So I hope the audiences here encouraged to do better researches and also teaching practices and be able to present them in front of International forum.” Mr. Dwi said in front of more than 60 ECCE Teachers and honored guests that were invited at the opening ceremony.

The celebration of SEAMEO CECCEP’s 2nd Anniversary has several segments of event : 1) Seminar on Telling Stories and Playing Music for ECCE Teachers; 2) Drawing Contest; 3) Coloring Contest; 4) Family Karaoke Contest. The target audience for the contests are the children. There are 6 winners for each contest, and SEAMEO CECCEP has been able to see the talents they’ve shown in the event. “We are amazed and confused to pick the winner because everyone here is so talented,” said Mr. Edi Rukmana (Head of Research and Development) to the audience as he was interviewed right before the announcement of the winners.

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By holding these contest, SEAMEO CECCEP expects to encourage intense family engagement in daily life, to do best practices in parenting. We also encouraged teachers to be more creative and do best practices in teaching. We would like to thank all of the participants who have attended the event. Thank you for all supports shown this far. Cheers to many years ahead!

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