SEAMEO CECCEP Successfully Implemented 2 Batches of Teacher Online Training

Facing COVID-19 Pandemic, many activities were limited due to the prevention of the virus. There was almost no face to face interaction including in the education aspect. Breaking through the barrier, SEAMEO CECCEP through its Capacity Building division has decided to develop teacher online training programme. 

On 19 – 24 August 2020, the 1st batch was opened for registration. The first module that was used as a learning theme was “Classroom Action Research for ECCE Teachers” by Dr. Mubiar Agustin, M.Pd from Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia (UPI). There were about 300 participants registered to SEAMEO CECCEP Website but unfortunately, only 30 people can be accepted into the class. After the registration, on 25 – 28 August the implementation of the 1st batch of online training was held.

The participants are following the process of learning through video conferences, downloading modules on our website, and also doing tasks given by the facilitator. 

Knowing there’s still a lot of #SahabatCECCEP who is interested in joining the training, SEAMEO CECCEP opened the second batch for teachers. The training was implemented on 1 – 4 September, right after the 1st batch finished. Total of 240 people were registered, but again only 40 teachers were accepted into the class. 

After completion of the training, participants who passed the minimum score will be given e-certificate. 

For those who haven’t been able to join our Teacher Online Training programme, please follow our social media pages to make sure you get the information on upcoming themes of the training.

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