SEAMEO CECCEP Held 2nd International Conference Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (ICECCEP)

SEAMEO CECCEP Held 2nd International Conference Early Collaboration with Universitas Muhammadiyah Cirebon (UMC) held the 2nd International Conference on Early Childhood Education and Parenting (ICECCEP) on 17-18 November 2021. International This conference has the theme Redefining the Effective Approach for Developing Early Childhood in the Post-Pandemic Era. This activity was carried out at the Patra Cirebon Hotel in a blended manner through the zoom platform, and live via on youtube channel. A total of 140 participants joined the International Conference either through zoom meetings or in person.

This event began with the Organizing Committee Report by Ith Vuthy, who is a Deputy Director for SEAMEO CECCEP Program. This was followed by remarks from the Director of SEAMEO Secretariat, Dr. Ethel Agnes P-Valenzuela, and the official opening by the Chancellor of the University of Muhammadiyah Cirebon Arif Nurudin, M.T

“Through this international conference, which was conducted in a hybrid way, we can discuss ECCE and parenting in the post-pandemic era. Many children were born during the pandemic. The last 20 months, but maybe they see a different world, at home, parents study at home. With this event we will collaborate on competencies, learning strategies, technology, philosophy, and flexible strategies in the post-pandemic era, said Dr. Ethel Agnes P Valenzuela.

Furthermore, in his speech, Arif Nurudin, M.T is the Director of UMC said that ICECCEP was a cooperation conference between SEAMEO CECCEP and UMC. Through this event, it is hoped that it will have an impact on early childhood education, both in the learning process and also strategies in the ECCE research area. This event can also establish cooperation at the national and international levels.

The first day’s activities were divided into 3 (three) Plenary Sessions with 2 (two) speakers in each session. The first session was opened with a presentation from Prof. Marek Tesar on the topic of Childhood in a New Key: The Future of pandemic Education which explained some of the lessons that we can take from the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. The learnings include that technology can’t fix educational problems and in the end, parents are children’s primary teachers.

On the occasion continued by Prof. Chiaki Kiwa with the theme Japans Early Childhood Care and Education during the Pandemic. She explained a lot about the strategies used by schools in Japan in carrying out learning in a pandemic situation.

The second session was filled with presentations by Dr. Sofia Hartati, M.Si on The Future of Knowing: Challenges to Develop Early Childhood. In her presentation, Said the impact of Covid-19 on children, parents, teachers, and educational institutions as well as what challenges Indonesia faces in undergoing Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) during this pandemic.

The Next presentation by Mr. Kadir Kaan, He explained the history of the formation of ECCE in Germany, followed by an explanation of the ECCE pillars that were instilled in children’s education in Germany.mThe last session on the first day, namely the 3rd session, it was started with a presentation by Mrs. Ines Provoost. Raising the topic of Redefining the Effective Approach for Developing Early Childhood in the Post-pandemic Era Mrs. Ines not only explained the impacts, challenges, and lessons that can be drawn from Covid-19 but also discussed resilience and ECCE after the pandemic era. The last presentation as well as closing the session on the first day of the conference was delivered by Dr. Irfan Fauzi Rachmat, M.Pd with the topic The Impact of Technology On Children and Shift in Parenting to Post pandemic Era where the topic is the result of his dissertation research. In his session, Dr. Irfan discussed further the various problems that arise when children interact too much with gadgets during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the activities of the 2nd-day conference on 18 November 2021 focused on the Pararell Session which was then followed by closing remarks by SEAMEO CECCEP Director. The Director expressed his gratitude to the various parties involved in this activity and hopefully, the international conference activities will contribute to advancing early childhood education and parenting. Finally, this activity was closed with award certificates for speakers and moderators.

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