Advancing Early Childhood Education and Parenting, SEAMEO CECCEP Holds Dissemination of Research Results

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (SEAMEO CECCEP) held a Dissemination of Research Results in the Early Childhood Education and Parenting on 2-3 December 2021. This activity was carried out in a blinded manner at the Atlantic City Hotel, Bandung. A total of 18 research titles were presented in this activity. The total participants were 50 people consisting of various agencies. Participants joined in the activity either through Zoom Meetings or attending in person.

The activity began with the Organizing Committee Report by Irfan Ansori, the head of Research and Development (RnD). He said that the results of this study provide benefits for early childhood education and parenting. Research outputs, both modules, instruments, applications, and books can be useful for the wider community.

Furthermore, the activity was officially opened by Edi Rukmana is the SEAMEO CECCEP Commitment Making Officer . He expressed his gratitude for the presence of the participant in the dissemination of research results. The results of research that will be presented will later become creative ideas, and answer problems in the early childhood education and parenting. Provide a good impact on the learning process and strategy in the research area of ​​Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) and Parenting.

This event lasted for two days, the activities on the first day consisted of 2 panels. Each panel session contains 4-5 research titles which are presented by the researcher for 15 minutes. Participants discussed the results of research regarding the development of early childhood education and parenting. The research topics consisted of strategies for cognitive development in early childhood, program development, parenting in children, questionnaires for detection and stimulation of child growth and development, and module development for children. The title and results of the research submitted by the researchers are very helpful in early childhood education and parenting.

The 2nd day of dissemination activities ended on December 3, 2021. The activity was closed with closing remarks by the Director of SEAMEO CECCEP, Dr. Dwi Priyono, M.Ed. The Director would like to thank the various parties involved in this activity, and hopefully, the Dissemination of Research Results will contribute to advancing early childhood education and parenting.

“SEAMEO CECCEP was born in an effort to help ECCE teachers and parents in Southeast Asia to improve the quality of child care,” said Dwi.

The Director also advised continuing to increase the love of building quality programs that can help teachers. The last activity was closed by giving door prizes to the participants.

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