Training Evaluation of Holistic Integrated Early Childhood Development (HI-ECD) in Four Cities of Indonesia

SEAMEO CECCEP held evaluation activities related to the implementation of training on the implementation of Integrative Holistic Early Childhood Education in 4 locations, Indonesia. This activity was carried out for 3 days on 16-18 December 2021 at the Holiday Inn Bandung Hotel. This activity was attended by the Design Team, Academics, Practitioners, Education Office, Facilitators, Training Participants, and SEAMEO CECCEP.

This activity began with a technical orientation led by the Head of the Capacity of Building (CB) Division, Arie Eka Darma. He conveyed that training aims to provide skills and attitudes aimed at 4 selected locations where the Holistic Integrative Development training was conducted, namely in Bogor City, Serang City, Cimahi City, and Tegal City which lasted for 2 months. For next year’s training, there will be a strengthening of Integrative Holistic services and will focus on integrated parenting on parental cooperation.

This evaluation activity also aims to measure and assess the suitability of the six (6) training components (curriculum, trainers, participants, infrastructure, financing, and evaluation) to the needs of participants and the performance of post-training trainers, as well as to the collaboration between the education office and SEAMEO CECCEP. in supporting training to improve the quality and quality of further training. A total of 16 participants joined in this activity. The training activity was carried out for 2 weeks which was attended by 115 participants consisting of 4 cities.

The activity was opened by Deputy of Program SEAMEO CECCEP, Ith Vuthy. He said the activities in the next three days would evaluate how much of the program has been achieved for the continuation of SEAMEO CECCEP training activities related to activities that need to be continued or need improvement. To support the implementation of Integrative holistic early childhood development (HI-ECD) as the main government program supported by all relevant ministries. 

“Then SEAMEO CECCEP as a Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) and Parenting institution are obliged to assist in developing HI-ECD.”

The activity was continued with an evaluation report on the impact of the training by Arie Eka Darma as Head of the SEAMEO CECCEP Capacity Building Division. He stated that many institutions have not developed HI-ECD, because they think that HI-ECD is like a new school. Mrs. Ana and Mr. Rudi as Master of trainers help explain about HI-ECD. Next, “We obtained 79 trainers from 150 trainers in Indonesia and we selected 4 participants who were selected to represent piloting,” said Arie.

Based on the activities that have been carried out for the past 2 months, in general, the ECE unit is easy to implement HI-ECD services but has not been able to identify the services that have been carried out. Many institutions are still confused about integrating cooperation between schools and related partners who have an interest in developing HI ECD services. Such as the role of the program ECCE in strengthening ,the HI ECD network in schools that can help realize collaboration across ministries and related partners.

During the blended training of HI-ECD, SEAMEO CECCEP received advice on implementing the parenting side of HI ECD. “These piloting project cities will serve as examples, and our goal will be to strengthen the four cities that are impacting other cities, Serang, Bogor, Tegal, and Cilegon. Hopefully, can inspire each other in the implementation of HI-ECD. We invite ECCE to take one step further to help and support each other,” concluded by Arie.

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