Collaboration with PUSPEKA in Against Bullying, Sexual Violence, and Intolerance.

Bandung- March 23 SEAMEO CECCEP attended the Focus Group Discussion activity held by the Character Development Center or Pusat Pengembangan Karakter (PUSPEKA)”. This activity was attended by practitioners and academics in the field of Early Childhood Education. The invited participants consisted of representatives from SEAMEO CECCEP, PP PAUD Dikmas West Java, PAUD Directorate and Generasi Cerdas (Smart Generation). A total of 35 participants attended this activity.

Hendarman, PhD, The Acting Head of the Center for Character Development, expressed his gratitude to the invited guests who were present in the continued Focus Group Discussion activities for the Preparation of Companion Material Books for Parents of Character Intelligent Series at early childhood level. He explained this activity was meant to compose some guidebooks for parents in intelligent, character-based parenting based on the dimensions of the Pancasila Students’ Profile. The dimensions of Pancasila Students included: faith and strong belief in God. These guidebooks would be published to help parents in educating their children to use the shared content of character strengthening.

“I would like to thank the participants who attended this discussion. It is hoped that this activity will be able to compile a book of parental assistance materials for intelligent character series based on the dimensions of the Pancasila Student Profile. Furthermore, through the preparation of this parental guide, it is possible to enhance character in children from an early age”, Hendarman said.

Ir. Hendarman stated that character education is very important in independent learning. Considering that character education can develop the affective potential of children as humans and citizens who have cultural values ​​and national character. Through character education, children can develop commendable habits and behaviors that are in line with universal values, cultural traditions, and national character. On the other hand, it can develop children’s abilities to become independent, creative, national-minded human beings.

The next session, presentation of material by Dr. Elis Rosdiawati (Plt. Director of SEAMEO CECCEP) said that in compiling a book one must pay attention to the writing structure which consists of: 1). Avoids viewing as a textbook (the “landscape” format is more user friendly). 2). Use paper that matches the quality of the product. 3) Make use of meaningful and effective colors. 4) Instructions for use should not be too big, small, or thin. 5) Utilize pictures and diagrams effectively. 6) Do not load text that is too dense. 7) Use a clean and easy-to-read font. 8). Include a number of help figures and use one language.

This Focus Group Discussion (FGD) was expected to enable academics and practitioners to actively participate in facing the big challenge of the “three major sins” in education: bullying, sexual violence, and intolerance. These actions can prevent schools from creating a good learning environment. Another impact is to cause deep trauma to the child. Finally, the character development centers hoped to eliminate cases of bullying, intolerance, and sexual violence. It is important to build character because that character will dominate the nature of our identity.

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