Together Against Stunting in Indonesia

Bandung- March 31, 2022. In a partner meeting, SEAMEO CECCEP invited some centre’s partners, namely Dr. Heny Djoehaeni, M.Sc, (Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia), Atikah Susilawati, M.Pd. (HIMPAUDI Cimahi), Alifah Indalika (Universitas Nusantara Bandung), Maya Juariah (HIMPAUDI Cimahi). The participants are 22 academics and practitioners. The objectives of the partner meeting are 1). to expand the SEAMEO CECCEP advocacy network or cooperation forum, 2). to identify the SEAMEO CECCEP advocacy and cooperation division program. 3) to create SEAMEO CECCEP advocacy and mentoring materials.

Dr. Heny Djoehaeni, M.Si, delivered material related to parenting skills. She explained that parenting is a factor that can be a protective factor as well as a risk factor for children development. Factors that affect parenting are: a). protection factors which includes warmth, support, and realistic expectations of parents for children. b). risk factors which include poor parenting. Violence, physical punishment, verbal abuse, inconsistent and unclear parenting can lead to aggressive behavior and have a significant damage on children’s mental health, such as psychological, personal and emotional well-being.

The discussions are formed into two groups to formulate presentation materials and articles related to stunting. Stunting in children reflects the condition of impaired growth and development in children under five due to malnutrition that occurs from prenatal until the age of two. That’s why there is special attention to the period of the first 1,000 days of life because it determines the level of physical growth, intelligence, and productivity of the children in the future.

The preventive action requires coordination between sectors and involves various stakeholders such as the government and local government organizations, private sector and corporate, community, and others. The Team for the Acceleration of Prevention of Stunted Children (TP2AK) under the coordination of the Secretariat of the Vice President, has committed to direct the efforts to accelerate the reduction in the prevalence of stunting evenly throughout Indonesia.

The activity was expected to enable SEAMEO CECCEP to expand advocacy networks and work forums for cooperation with university partners, to formulate the results of the identification of advocacy and cooperation division programs, and to prepare advocacy and mentoring materials for SEAMEO CECCEP.

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