Webinar Collaboration: Islamic Parenting in the 4.0 era

Bandung- 7 April 2022. SEAMEO CECCEP held a webinar activity in collaboration with Islamic university partners. The theme of the webinar is “Islamic Parenting in The 4.0 Era”. There were 300 participants consisting of academics and practitioners. Participants take part in the webinar via zoom and the SEAMEO CECCEP Youtube channel. The resource persons for the webinar are Dr. Hendar Riyadi, M.Ag (Universitas Muhammadiyah Bandung), Mohammad Irsyad (Institut Agama Islam Pekalongan), Dr. H. Ayi Sobarna, M.Pd (Universitas Islam Bandung), and Riana Mashar, M.Si Psychologist (Universitas Ahmad Dahlan).

First session, Dr. Hendar Riyadi, M.Ag delivered a material related to technology that has a positive and negative influence on the development of early childhood. Technology has made human work easier, but on the other hand it can disrupt the role and function of the family as a cultural institution. He also explained about Quranic Parenting or Al-Quran-based parenting patterns, including: 1) the image of children in the Koran; 2) children’s rights, 3) teaching spirituality and mindset, 4). internalizing children’s spiritual values, 5). putting a good mindset for children. Some principles in Islamic parenting are sincerity, justice, love and compassion, patience, and honesty as well as trust and responsibility.

In the second session, Dr. H Ayi Sobarna, M.Pd delivered material related to the theological foundation of Islamic parenting. According to Ayi, Islamic parenting is a way of regulating the pattern of parenting of children in the process of growth and development that does not escape adjusting to Islamic teachings, which are the basis of the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad.

In the third session, Mohammad Irsyad, M.Pd.I said that Islamic parenting must set a good example. Parents as good role models for children. Iryad emphasized the importance of exemplary, mentoring, and habituation in the era of society 4.0. Parents need to set an example for their children, not just telling them what to do. Parents should provide an example in the form of worship activities, teaching children generous behavior, getting used to playing with children, and praying for children.

In the last session, Riana Mashar, M.Si Psychologist explained about parenting values. Parenting is carried out from the time the child in the womb until the child is 18 years old. Parents need to stimulate according to the stage of infancy development. She explained that stimulation in children aged 2-5 years was carried out in the following ways: 1). Getting used to etiquette and knowing love for Allah, 2). Provide a safe and healthy home environment, 3) Provide opportunities to play and provide love by imitating the parenting style practiced by the prophets Nuh, Prophet Ibrahim, and Prophet Muhammad.

Good Islamic parenting is teaching your children according to their era, because they live in their era, not yours. Indeed, they were created for their time, while you were created for your time (Ali bin Abi Talib).
To be a parent who is always a good role model for children!.

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