SEAMEO CECCEP held fieldwork lectures for student major in early childhood education IAIN Pekalongan, Indonesia

Bandung 18 May 2022- SEAMEO CECCEP welcomed a visit from the State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Pekalongan. Triana Indrawati, M.Pd (Head of the Early Childhood Education Program), Mohammad Irsyad, M.Pd.I, and Ridho Riyadi, M.Pd along with other lecturer lead total of 72 students of Early Childhood Islamic Education to SEAMEO CECCEP office. The purpose of this visit is to add insight and information related to early childhood education and parenting.

Triana Indrawati, M.Pd conveyed to the students the importance of early childhood education. Early childhood education is a very important basis in children’s brain development. Brain development reaches 80 percent in the early childhood golden period, so educational stimulation through various activities will make their brain development more optimal. On the other hand, she explained that graduates of Early Childhood Education teacher education don’t necessarily become only teachers but they have many options to become researchers, trainers, or education developers.

This activity was opened by Dr. Elis Rosdiawati (Acting Director of SEAMEO CECCEP) who introduced 7 SEAMEO centres in Indonesia. It is the 24th Center of 26 SEAMEO Centers in Southeast Asia with a focus on ECCE and Parenting. SEAMEO CECCEP’s vision is to become a center of excellence for research, capacity building and advocacy in early childhood care education and parenting.

In the next session, Ith Vuthy (Deputy for Programme of SEAMEO CECCEP) delivered matters on early childhood education policies in Southeast Asian Countries in responding to COVID-19 and Preparation for Adaptation of New Habits (AKB). He said that during the pandemic all SEAMEO member countries adapted the same curriculum during the pandemic, but made slight adjustments in teaching and learning activities.

Since 2016, The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) as a Singapore government agency that specifically deals with PAUD issues, has launched KidSTART. The application contains programs for children from underprivileged families, enabling them to have a good start in life. The KidSTART program supports parents in child development, coordination, and strengthening holistic support for families in need, and monitors the progress of children’s development from birth. This program also provides learning resources for parents to strengthen learning from home.

Cepri Maulana, M.Pd (Head of Advocacy and Partnership) explained about the program of activities being implemented by SEAMEO CECCEP. He stated that SEAMEO CECCEP is ready to work with partners to support the quality of early childhood education and better parenting. In addition, SEAMEO CECCEP has been supporting the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program with a certified internship program. Furthermore, internship activities can prepare students better for their work path in the future.

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