Inter Centre Collaboration Meeting (ICCM) at SEAMEO CECCEP

From the 29th to 31st of August 2018, SEAMEO CECCEP held an Inter-Centre Collaboration Meeting (ICCM) at SEAMEO CECCEP office in Jayagiri, Lembang. This is the 4th ICCM of 2018, after the other 3 centres held it; SEAMEO QITEP in Mathematics, SEAMEO QITEP in Language, and SEAMEO BIOTROP.

The participants ICCM consist of Board of Directors, Managers and Staff from 7 centres in Indonesia.

This ICCM focuses on discussing the preparation of the upcoming Governing Board Meeting that will be held mid September in Bali as well as working contract and performance asssessment documents for all Centres in Indonesia.

The next ICCM will be held in SEAMEO RECFON office, around October 2018. For the next ICCM, all Centres will continue discussing the performance assessment document that has not reached final agreement in this ICCM.

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