Opening of Blended training on the implementation of Integrative Holistic Early Childhood Education in Four Cities of Indonesia

Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (SEAMEO CECCEP) carried out a blended training activity with the theme “Implementation of Integrative Holistic Early Childhood Development (PAUD HI)”. This training took place simultaneously in four cities, namely Bogor City, Tegal City, Serang City, and Cimahi City. A total of 100 participants in the activity consisted of principals and kindergarten teachers. The opening of this training will take place on Wednesday-Thursday 22-23 September 2021 at the designated areas of each city.

The purpose of this blended training is to improve the quality and professionalism of educators at ECCE. This training is guided by trainers who have been previously selected through the Training of Candidates for Trainers. The trainers in this training are Evin Indarini, S.Pd (Tegal), Dr. HJ. Fauziyyah. S.Ag., M.Pd (Serang), Ms. Siti Nurhayati, M.A (Bogor) and Ai Ningrum (Cimahi). On the first day, participants were taught how to use access to e-training for the implementation of PAUD HI Development. On the second day, participants were provided with information on the stages of implementing the development of PAUD HI in early childhood education centres.

This activity was opened by the Head of the Education Office of each city respectively. Also present was the director of SEAMEO CECCEP, Dr. Dwi Priyono, M.Ed, then the Board of Directors (BoD) along with the Head of Division and staff. In his remarks, the director stated that this blended training activity could increase the capacity of teachers in implementing PAUD HI in providing good services. Teachers must understand the essential needs and the rights of early childhood children, and have the ability to build the synergy with each institution to advance early childhood education and parenting.

The blended training activities will be carried out until October 30, 2021. This training session consists of mentoring techniques in the form of techniques in providing pragmatic advice and ongoing assistance for participants to apply PAUD HI in their units and master the Learning Management System (LMS).

After completing the training, participants are expected to have the ability to implement PAUD HI. Participants also got the right knowledge and understanding of PAUD HI both in practice and techniques of the implementation in ECCE centres. Furthermore, participants will have the ability to communicate and mentor about services in training to assist ECCE teachers or educators in developing their capacity in terms of socializing PAUD HI information, stages of implementing planning, implementation and evaluation strategies and their impact on the learning process, especially for ECCE students.

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