Workshop On SEAMEO Code Of Conduct Strengthening The Capacity Of SEAMEO CECCEP Personnel

SEAMEO CECCEP held a workshop with the theme “Workshop on SEAMEO Code of Conduct Strengthening the Capacity of SEAMEO CECCEP Personnel” which was held on October 13, 2021, at the Grand Mercure Hotel Bandung. This workshop aims to increase centre staff knowledge and insights. Total participants in this event were 35 participants, they are of the Board of Directors (BOD), all division heads, and SEAMEO CECCEP staff.

The resource person is Dr. Wahyudi, M.Ed is a Deputy Director for Programme, SEAMEO Secretariat. The overall objective of this workshop is to strengthen CECCEP’s SEAMEO personnel in the areas of knowledge, policies, understanding, values ​​, and capabilities within the SEAMEO framework. In addition to enhancing and enabling personnel to align the development of CECCEP’s SEAMEO program.

In his remarks, the SEAMEO CECCEP director stated that staff should be aware of the SEAMEO framework. SEAMEO CECCEP belongs to all of us, so we must develop it to advance early childhood education and parenting, considering that our new members will be the next generation of SEAMEO CECCEP. “I hope this activity can strengthen SEAMEO CECCEP personnel in knowledge, understanding, values ​​, and abilities in terms of SEAMEO. SEAMEO CECCEP belongs to us so we have to build and strengthen it”. said Dr. Dwi Priyono, M.Ed

Dr. Wahyudi explained that to support SEAMEO’s vision and mission, we must work with passion. “Passion must be built, work happily to feel light.” Then he also explained that SEAMEO is an organization that continuously strives to improve the capacity of its resources and explore the highest potential of regional communities. SEAMEO carries out various programs and projects aimed at developing human capacity in Southeast Asia.

Through this workshop, SEAMEO CECCEP personnel are expected to build motivation and a good work climate to improve the quality of performance in an effort to carry out the mandate according to the vision and mission. In addition, together with their respective expertise, all SEAMEO CECCEP personnel must master their knowledge and SEAMEO values ​​in general. This will be very helpful in implementing the program both at the national and regional levels.

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