Doodling Workshop and Sport Competition on SEAMEO CECCEP’s 5th Anniversary Event Series

Bandung – Sunday, 24 July 2022, the Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization  Regional Centre for Early Childhood Care Education and Parenting (SEAMEO CECCEP) held a series of activities to commemorate its 5th anniversary. One of the activities was Doodling Workshop that had 43 children participating with resource person Dr. Kankan Kasmana. M.Ds. 

This doodling workshop was held to improve children in developing their creativity as well as their imagination. This event is to celebrate SEAMEO CECCEP’s 5th anniversary and Indonesia National Children’s Day (23 July 2022).

Prof. Vina Adriany, PhD warmly welcomes the presence of students, teachers, and parents. “We would like to thank the teachers and parents who attend. This activity is not only a fun activity to channel hobbies but more than that. Drawing can train the coordination function between the eyes and hands and also train the imagination that the child has”.

As a resource person in this doodling workshop, Dr. Kankan said that in drawing, trust is important for children, where parents can guide children in carrying out activities, but not impose parental will. In drawing, parents should learn to make art fun and explore.

“Restrictive parents tend to control everything in their children. They dictate their children’s lives. They need to stop. Give children freedom of action so that they are independent and can set a clear life goal”, Kankan said.

In different locations, there were sports competitions, which were badminton and futsal. The competition was attended by 7 SEAMEO Centre Indonesia. All the centres sent their own representative team. Every team competed with each other in fair and sportsmanship games.

We all hope that SEAMEO CECCEP will always strive to be a centre of excellence for better early childhood education and parenting development.

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