A regional research, advocacy and capacity building center of excellence in early childhood care education and parenting.



Enhance regional and global commitments to quality early childhood education and parenting through:

–Conducting research that supports advocacy and capacity building among stakeholders of ECCE and parenting;

–Supporting the development of regional policy and programs;

–Building partnership networks of policy-makers, professionals and practitioners;

–Promoting sustainable human resource development in the SEAMEO region to benefit children, families and professional stakeholders in each member country



– Best Interest Children;

– Cultural, Social, economic, religious and gender sensitive;

– Social and community responsiveness;

– Inclusive Practice



– Children, parents and families.

– Governments and policy makers within the SEAMEO region.

– Profesionals and practitioner of ECCEP services.

– Social enterpreneurs, CSOs and NGOs enggaged in ECCEP services

– Researchers and research institutions in fields of ECCEP.

– Other relevant partners and donor agencies that operate in the region.