Organization Structure of SEAMEO CECCEP

Prof. Vina Adriany, M.Ed., Ph.D

Deputy Director for Programme:
Ith Vuthy, M.Sc., M.A

Deputy Director for Administrator:
Dr. Elis Rosdiawati, M.Pd

Research and Development:
1. Irfan Ansori, M.Pd (Head of Research and Development Division)
2.Fatima Rahmah, S.Psi., M.Ed (Research and Development Officer)
3. Siti Huzaimah, M.Pd (Research and Development Assistant)

Capacity Building Division:
1. Asep Subagja, S.Pd (Head of Capacity Building Division)
2. Rizal Nugraha., S.Si., M.Pd (Capacity Building Officer)
3. Assila Prianggi H.B., M.Pd., M.Ed (Capacity Building Officer)

Advocacy and Partnership Division:
1. Cepri Maulana, M.Pd (Head of Advocacy and Partnership Division)
2. Dewinta Dyah Mariana, S.E (Advocacy and Partnership Assistanct)

Knowledge Managaement Division:
1. Iwan Aries S (Head of Knowledge Management Division)
2. Deny Nugeraha, S.Si (IT Officer)
3. Dwi Anisa Faqumala, M.Pd (Publication Staff)
4. Mustopa Kamiludin, S.Ds (Graphic Artist and Photographer)

Finance Division:
1. Dr. Jejen Zainal Arifin (Head of Finance Division)
2. Rini Nurjanah, S.E (Book- Keeper)
3. Dedi Trisna (Cashier/ Treasurer)
4. Faizal Lutvi Hidayat, S.S (Finance Assistant)

Operation Division:
1. Deassy Yuniasari, S.Pd (Head of Opration Division)
2. Ayu Maulana Catur P, S.I.Kom (Correspondence)
3. Heri Kosmawan, M.Pd (Office Helper)
4. Dedi Saputra, S.Pd (Office Helper)
5. Djayusman (Office Helper)
6. Kusnadi (Driver)

Human Resource Management (HRM):
1. Head of Human Resource Management (HRM)
2. Tiara Delia M., S.Psi., MPsi., Psikolog (Human Resource Management (HRM) staff)

Facilities Management:
1. Novia Estri Atika Sari, S.E (Facility Management Staff)
2. Bibit (Sccurity Guard)
3. Dwi Agus R (Sccurity Guard)
4. Agung Sutejo (Sccurity Guard)
5. Kusnan Iskandar (Sccurity Guard)