The program and main activities includes:

Research and Development

Various theme and methodologies of research will be conducted in the next five years. The research methodology compromise of literature study, comparative study, action research and or developing model. Under the ECCE sector, there will be a comparative study on children’s well-being across SEAMEO member countries, action research and model development of environmental based ECCE curriculum, etc. Meanwhile under the Parenting sector, there will be literature study on the effect of technology in parenting as a basis to develop model on how to minimise effect of the technology, in addition there will be a comparative study on parenting knowledge, attitude and practices between urban and rural area in SEAMEO member country, etc.

Result of the research will be disseminate through seminar and conference as well as through international journals. The research and development unit will be responsible for all the research and development activities, this may include collaboration research with other institutions.

Capacity Building

There are at least two mechanism in term of capacity building provided; (1) training, either in-house training, online based training and or visiting trainer/resource person and (2) workshop. The capacity building focus on improving ECCE teacher competency in different aspect such as curriculum development, learning environment quality and the 21th century learning.

In providing the on-line based training SEAMEO CECCEP will collaborate with SEAMEOLEC, meanwhile the development of training module and workshop guideline will be carry out in house under the capacity building unit and through consultation with the research and development unit and external expert, especially from the partner university.

Internal SEAMEO CECCEP’s staff capacity building is also part of the FYDP, aside from the capacity building provided to outside the center. The internal capacity building will be in a form of in class training either on management or technical knowledge on ECCE and parenting, and on the job training to other institution.

Advocacy and Partnership

Annual expert meeting will be one of the highlight on advocacy and partnership agenda in SEAMEO CECCEP. SEAMEO CECCEP will invite expert in the region to discuss, share ideas and present the study result on ECCE and Parenting themes. Consultative meeting with potential partner including government institutions and donors will be conducting to inform policy maker in adopt, endorsing and supporting the ECCE and parenting policies and program. The matrix below describes detail activities, objectives, output, targets beneficiaries and timeline for each of the three key program area, the matrix divide into two, the first one is for ECCE sector and the second matrix is for Parenting. At the implementation those two sector activities might occur as one single activity, such as a conference.