1. The Survey of Teachers in Pre-primary Education (STEPP) Phase 2


  • Participation of relevant national participants in training on sampling for the main study, administration, quality monitoring and data management;
  • Developing the sampling frame for the main study;
  • Administration for the main study;
  • Data entry, processing and compilation of national databases;
  • Participation of the National Team at the international meeting to discuss the outcomes and experiences of Phase 2;
  • National dissemination of report on the analysis of Phase 2.


2. Joint Research Grants with Partner Institutions

To support SEAMEO CECCEP’s Vision and Mission, especially in research, SEAMEO CECCEP will carry out SEAMEO CECCEP 2019 Joint Research Grant activities by facilitating to conduct the research with lecturers in academic institutions that have passed the selection criteria.


  • To improve the quality of research that supports SEAMEO CECCEP’s vision and mission to become a regional research and development, capacity building and advocacy and partnership, excellence in ECCE and Parenting at the national and regional levels of Southeast Asia;
  • To raise current issues in the field of Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and Parent through research;
  • To build partnerships with educational institutions at the national level to work together in collaborative research activities and competency transfer;
  • To increase international recognition through the dissemination of research results and an increase number of publications in international journals.


3. Scoping Study on Early Childhood Care Education (ECCE) and Parenting in Southeast Asia.


  • To enrich data related to ECCE and parenting;
  • To provide accurate data to decision makers in Southeast Asia;
  • To understand and define ECCE terminology regionally and in each SEAMEO Member Country;
  • To develop SEAMEO’s program based on accurate data and current needs of each SEAMEO Member Country.


4. Action on Anti-Stunting Education


  • To map the learning journeys of children across the stunting typology as a holistic way of understanding how children learn, develop and achieve as they progress through the stages from conception to preschool;
  • To map the formal and informal context for early stimulation and learning across a wide range of communities with a high burden of stunting, including identifying positive parental and educational practitioner attitudes/practices which support enhanced early learning outcomes;
  • To identify features in home and ECCE centre environments that support early learning for children;
  • To analyse with local professionals a range of culturally appropriate measures to match the cognitive domains under study;
  • To create culturally appropriate test of cognition to measure early child development from age 2 to school age children;
  • To develop and implement a quality control procedure for the cognitive testing;
  • To map the range of cognitive outcomes for stunted children in order to inform the typology of stunting;
  • To develop a portfolio of “good practices” and a teacher-training toolkit related to the reduction of stunting.


5. The Development of a Model on Early Childhood Care, Nutrition and Education (ECCNE) in Southeast Asia.


To develop ECCNE models in different contextual sites and countries which will serve as examples of comprehensive and integrated implementation of different domains for optimal childhood development.


6. Culturally Relevant and Sensitive Parenting Education Programs

To improve parents and PE facilitators knowledge and practices on inclusive, culturally relevant and sensitive parenting program.


SEAMEO CECCEP will conduct the main activities regarding this topic namely:

  • In house workshop;
  • In House Training;
  • Training.


7. Training of ECCE Personnel in Southeast Asia.


  • To improve ECCE teachers’ knowledge and practices;
  • To disseminate training packages in each respective countries;
  • To develop SEAMEO CECCEP trainers’ network in Southeast Asia;
  • To conduct Training on themes of “Enhancing the Knowledge, Skills and Competencies of ECCE Personnel” and

“Quality ECCE Learning Environments Across Southeast Asia”.


8. Expanding the SEAMEO CECCEP Network with Other Partners in Region and Beyond


  • To build partnership networks of policy-makers, professionals and

practitioners within Southeast Asia focusing on three main activities:

  • Research and Development
  • Capacity Building
  • Advocacy and Partnership


9. Quality ECCE Improvement on Learning Environment in Region


  • To disseminate lessons learned from all research and capacity building on quality learning environments;
  • To conduct activities to evaluate the results of research and capacity building.


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